Rental Information

Rental of The Barns of Lost Creek

includes use of

  • The Big Barn
  • The Pavilion
  • The Dining Hall
  • The Bridal Room
  • The Groom’s Room
  • The Patio and Grounds

The price includes barn wood tables and chairs for 150 guests in the barn, and assorted tables for cake, gifts, etc. Also included are 100 folding chairs for outdoor ceremonies, and tables and chairs on the patio and in the pavilion.

2019/2020 Rental information


Just as it sounds- the venue is yours for one day! You have the buildings and grounds from 8am until 11pm closing time, plus an hour or so for clean out.


RECEPTION ONLY $2700 / with CEREMONY $3200




You have the venue from noon to 9pm Friday to decorate, rehearse, and bring in a casual dinner for your wedding party and family. Then, on Saturday (10am-11pm plus an hour or so clean out time), mosey on in, get ready, take photos, and have a relaxed wedding day- because all the work is done!


Sundays are a very affordable day to get married! We have several fun ideas already scheduled for you:


up to 75 guests $1800 / 76-150 guests $2300
Ceremony 11/Social Hour 11:30-1/Brunch 1-3/Mix Mingle Dance 3-5
You have the venue from 8am-5pm, plus an hour or so for clean out.


up to 75 guests $1800 / 76-150 guests $2300
Ceremony 2/Social Hour 2:30-4/Dinner 4-6/ Mix Mingle 6-8 (no dance)
You have the venue from 10am-8pm, plus an hour or so for clean out.


up to 75 guests $2400/76-150 guests $2900
Ceremony 3/Social Hour 3:30-5/Dinner 5-7/Dance 7-9
You have the venue from 10am-9pm, plus an hour or so for clean out.

Items available for rent

  • Lusterware cake/appetizer plates  100 available /.25 each
  • Dessert forks $10/200
  • Small white cake/appetizer plates 150 available/.10 each
  • Medium white buffet/appetizer plates 150 available/.10 each
  • White dinner plates 180 available/.50 each
  • White coffee cups 125 available/.10 each
  • Vintage silverware set (knife, fork, spoon) 175 available/.50 set
  • Pig shaped bread boards 14 available.50 each
  • Glass salt and pepper sets 25 available/$5
  • Pilsner glasses 100 available/.15 each
  • Champagne flutes 115 available/.15 each
  • Wine glasses 90 available/.15 each
  • Punch/milk glasses 150 available/.10 each
  • Shot glasses 70 available/10 each
  • Cold beverage dispensers 5 available/no charge
  • Ornate antique dessert stand $25
  • Large event grill $100
  • Motorized chair $25
  • manual wheelchair 2 available/no charge